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Introducing the ZarGill Group: an exclusive (free) professional collaboration for dental practice acquisition clients who are working with The Gillis Firm, PLLC and Zar Dental Consulting, LLC

Pictured: Natasha Gillis, Esq.

The Gillis Firm, PLLC

Pictured: Malika Azargoon, Principal Consultant  Zar Dental Consulting, LLC

Legal + Practice Consulting.  All in One.

What Exactly is the ZarGill Group Concept?

Purchasing a dental practice is an intensive process with a lot of pre-planning conversation about “building the right team” to prepare for the process. A lot of dental entrepreneurs get frustrated with having to figure out when to hire and bring on various team members to navigate a successful practice acquisition. The ZarGill Group (“ZarGill”) is a concept that merges the processes of two distinctly unique companies, The Gillis Firm, PLLC (law) with Zar Dental Consulting, LLC (dental practice consulting), to maximize the client experience by helping us effectively work on a client file through the legal and business (practice consulting) aspects of the acquisition process, together.

Why it Works

The concept for ZarGill Group came after realizing:

  • There is often a disconnect between the acquisition side (legal) and business side (practice) of the dental practice acquisition process. This often leaves dental practice buyers with the keys and legal "title" to the practice without proper business preparation. Without proper preparation, most buyers feel poorly equipped to take over and often experience a "now what" moment after Closing.  This not only occurs because of a lack of proper representation, but also because of a disconnect between the professional teams.  ZarGill will ensure that all mutual client matters are funneled through a clear communication and file sharing process on a stage-by-stage level to minimize the potential for critical information "falling through the cracks".

  • Buyers are often at a disadvantage when certain documents are requested/ presented as abstract concepts during the acquisition process but there is no business-side analysis to help understand what these documents mean in a real-world setting. Practice consulting, however, is hands-on. For example: how does a buyer handle the servicing of the seller's accounts receivables in a practical manner (not just within the black ink of the contract)? What are some considerations in handling patient credits after Closing if you are taking them over from the seller? Even though you take steps to maintain the right to hire staff in the contract, how do you effectively transition the seller's staff to maximize post-Closing retention? 

  • The dental practice acquisition process requires careful strategy and planning at various levels. We schedule joint client files for a weekly status review to make sure both companies are properly engaged at the right times through your case.  This ensures that all communications and requests for documents are met in a timely and consistent manner.  This also helps to maintain a favorable acquisition strategy at both levels.  For example: if your practice consulting team is concerned about specific staff retention issues, then your legal team can incorporate key terms within your contracts to help ease those concerns. 

Best of all, ZarGill is a free service to clients who work with The Gillis Firm for their legal needs and Zar Dental Consulting for practice consulting/credentialing services.

As an avid marathon runner and dental practice consultant for over 20 years, I can say that practice ownership and marathon running are very comparable.  Commit to the race, stay determined, and cross the finish line. 

                                               Malika Azargoon-- Zar Dental Consulting, LLC

Looking for a Dental Practice and Building the Right Team

"I have been looking for a practice for a little over 5 years and have had very little guidance on the acquisition process much less general support from the professional teams that I have been working with. I was referred to Natasha through various friends and professionals after having a lot of frustration with my last deals and feeling deflated with the entire process.  From the initial email introduction to the time we talked, I was very pleased with her presentation, patience and the time she spent to educate me on the  process.  She gave me a step-by-step introduction into the different stages of the acquisition process with practical tips and pointers.   She was very non-judgmental and let me share my story with some feedback that I never thought about.  Even after speaking to her for over an hour, she did not push me to hire her. She told me that she will be waiting for me once I am ready to move forward.  She gave me a list of immediate next-steps that I should take, which I am following right now.  I am extremely pleased with my orientation call and the fact that she is very education-oriented. It's really refreshing to have someone who I feel can help me so that I can buy a practice and focus on achieving my long time dream." Dr. RK