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Why Choose The Gillis Firm?

When you choose The Gillis Firm, our mission is to make you feel confident and comfortable with what may seem like an overwhelming legal process. We treat every case as its own journey. We spend time to identify your goals, come up with proper strategy to achieve that goal and navigate the process to help you effectively reach your destination.

We work all of our cases from a dual-angle approach, helping you meet your legal requirements while navigating your transaction as efficiently as possible to help you maintain control of your case. Many law firms pride themselves in providing quality legal services.  Our goal is to give you more.


We take pride in providing quality legal services while helping you navigate your transaction to get you to the next step, whether that means signing your new office lease, closing on your practice, or helping you achieve a partnership change.  Our door is always open to help you with your business needs.  We understand how busy healthcare professionals are.  We aim to be available when you need us most. 

As part of our efforts to empower our local dental professionals through education, we participate in numerous speaking/teaching events and outreach efforts. Most notably for 2022, we have partnered with the Virginia Academy of General Dentistry to create a unique 8 week mentorship course on practice ownership to guide aspiring dental practice owners through a structured analysis to determine if practice ownership is right for them.  

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